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Sherry Peel Jackson

How To Escape The Rat Race

How To Escape The Rat Race

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As a retired CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner and a former IRS agent, I’ve been teaching about finances for over 35 years, and have seen the results of the vicious cycle called “the rat race” – mental breakdowns, broken marriages and even suicide. I’ve even seen people resort to crime, such as embezzlement, just to get relief from the drudgery of the race. Of course, there’s a better way.

There are many financial gurus out there who tell you all the wrong ways to escape the rat race. They’ve told you to do everything from get an extra job to sell your house and live in a box. Many of you have followed their advice but it didn’t free you from the rat race.

When the market crashed in late 2008, over ten trillion dollars in savings was transferred from the middle class to the ultra wealthy. That event sent thousands of people into a tailspin that will have them running the rat race for the rest of their lives. Thousands had to delay retirement or return to work, because they weren’t preparing themselves to get off at the next exit ramp.

Wealthy people have escaped the rat race. Do you want to escape? Here’s where you learn how. The wealthy people that I interact with haven’t followed traditional methods in decades. Some of them never followed the radio and television gurus at all. They don’t invest in the traditional manner that we’ve been taught via mainstream media.

In this book I show you the steps to get out of the rat race. You’ll learn how to be financially free by using non-traditional methods to decrease your expenses and increase your income. You’ll also learn the proper way to save for future purchases and to invest so that you will have resources in your latter years.

I’ve been helping individuals, business leaders, pastors, and churches for over 30 years now, and whether it’s through one-on-one mentoring or group training sessions I’ve changed the lives of business leaders, pastors, churches and everyday people by enabling them to understand and implement the keys to debt-free living and wealth.

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