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Sherry Peel Jackson

Church Wealth, Ministry Health

Church Wealth, Ministry Health

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Church Wealth, Ministry Health

Five Pillars of Ministry Growth And Financial Wellness

Many small and mid-size churches are struggling, narrowly getting by; their pastors are at risk of having at least one of five areas of operation that need immediate improvement…

Learn The Five Areas - The Mistakes, That Many Pastors Make Regarding Church Finances, Taxes, Church Growth and How and Why You Must Avoid These Mistakes Now!”

You can avoid big problems by gaining ministry insights that guarantee that your church structure is built on a solid foundation. Way too many pastors and their administrators think everything is ok, when in fact, it’s not!

Also, too many Pastors are working a secular job in order to support their church or ministry vision; their current financial organization is left lacking and can be a target for those that seek to destroy the good works of God’s shepherds.

Dr. Jackson urges Pastors to never assume all is well with church management, financial, tax, legal and other related areas. In this book, Minister Sherry Peel Jackson aims to take pastors, church administrators and their congregations by the hand and describe Five Pillars that will lead to Church Wealth and Ministry Health.

Sherry has been a blessing to us in the accounting and financial area.  She worked hard to make sure we understand the importance of sound financial policy and procedures and she helped us set up our books and internal controls so that we wouldn’t have any business office issues.  She is an advocate for keeping the ministry safe and running smoothly. When our church was ready to expand and start new autonomous ministries Sherry was there to lead us through the tedious process of forming a non-profit organization.  Her knowledge of the process got us our non-profit status in record time.”

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